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Oral presentation guidelines



You have a total of 10 minutes within the session – 7 minutes to present followed directly by 3 minutes of Q&A with the Session Chairs and audience. Make sure to practice your presentation to ensure that it flows well and fits into your allocated time.


Slide Format and Design

  • You should prepare your presentation in PowerPoint using 16:9 landscape format

  • Use standard fonts, such as Times, Helvetica, Calibri or Arial

  • A font size of 28-32 is ideal


The first two slides in your presentation must include the following information:


Slide 1

Title slide – please add the title of your talk in the format below

  • < Title of presentation >

  • < Author list with presenting author underlined using the format - First name, Family/surname>

  • < Affiliations/Country >

Slide 2

Conflict of Interest slide

  • A statement of conflict of interest is compulsory at the beginning of your presentation. It is the policy of EYES / YARE 2023 to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigour throughout the scientific programme. You must disclose any financial relationships with a commercial interest that might affect the content of the presentation.

  • Important: It is mandatory that all presenters prepare a disclosure slide as the second slide in their presentation. If you have nothing to disclose, this slide must be included indicating ‘nothing to disclose’.

Poster presentation guidelines

We recommend you use the A0 format:

Width: 84,1 cm

Height: 118,9 cm

All posters will be presented during the guided poster tour.

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance will be available for all delegates attending the EYES /YARE 2023 Meeting.


We are have applied for CME accreditation from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).

Travel Grant

Participants can apply for the ESE (European Society of Endocrinology) Meeting Grant.

Please, visit the ESE website:

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